While we offer services ranging from individual air charter to aircraft management, our philosophy remains the same throughout. We put safety above and beyond all in everything we do, and are proud to have a flawless safety record. As such, you can expect that anytime you board a Catalina aircraft, you are stepping onto a plane that will get you where you need to go via the safest means possible. Our pilots train in state of the art simulators, and have to pass a rigorous annual flight check. In addition to ARG/US Gold accreditation, we stand by our commitment to safety and invite you to submit any inquiries regarding aircraft maintenance or pilot training before you ever book a flight with us.


Air Charter

Why Air Charter? What does it mean to you?
It means having the greatest air travel experience that is available. It means being master of the skies – airborne royalty.
Pick your origin. Pick your destination. Name your time. We’ll take care of the rest.
Utilizing the service of a FAA certificated air carrier expands your options almost endlessly.


Benefits include:

  • Access to an airport system over five times larger than that available to scheduled airlines.
  • A flight schedule that we specifically tailor to your mission.
  • The capability of visiting multiple cities in a single day- and being home for dinner.
  • An aircraft that is ready for departure the minute you arrive at the airport.
  • Luxuriously appointed private, clean, and modern cabins.
  • The ability to hold onboard meetings with power connectivity.
  • An in-flight entertainment system.
  • Catered gourmet food and beverage service of your choosing.
  • Luggage waiting for you when you disembark the aircraft.
  • Executive customs clearance on international flights.


We invite you to consider Catalina for your next flight. Our pristine aircraft are available for charter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both first time users as well as charter veterans will quickly notice the ways in which we provide an unparalleled level of service.
Our clients also appreciate that by booking your air travel directly with Catalina, our pricing is extremely competitive.
General rate information for our specific aircraft can be found in the fleet section, however, we encourage you call for current quotes. Actual cost depends on the specific airports you choose, and all costs are subject to 7.5% federal excise tax (same as airline travel). We make a concerted effort to structure each and every flight in the most advantageous manner possible for our clients. We will be glad to suggest airports offering the best combination of convenience and cost.


Aircraft Acquisition & Management

Own a plane – no headaches, no hassles, and it can even be more affordable than chartering.
Depending on your utilization, owning a plane might actually save you money. That’s because when you are not flying it, we can use it (at your option) to sell individual air charter trips to other clients. In addition, you or your business can often realize significant tax benefits. While many aircraft managers speak revenue, we look at the bottom line. In other words, we look at things a little bit differently.
We have an uncommonly strong vested interest in the success of our fleet. That’s because all Catalina principals also hold financial interests in at least one company aircraft. Unlike many air charter operators, we can and do operate aircraft for the exclusive purpose of earning a profit. There is a difference between being an aircraft owner and an aircraft operator, and we have proven experience in both areas. As such, when it comes to choosing a company to help you get into the ownership game or even to manage your own currently owned aircraft, Catalina is your best option.
Don’t want to use your aircraft for air charter? No problem. Either way, when you choose Catalina to manage your aircraft, you can expect that it will be:


  • Maintained to the highest possible standards of airworthiness.
  • Flown by the best trained and most experienced pilots, schooled, current and masterfully proficient in your specific aircraft.
  • Kept up to meet the most discriminating interior and exterior appearance standards.
  • Operated and managed in a fiscally responsible manner that puts your interests first.


To us, managing your aircraft means tending to every aspect of its operation. It means that you never have to worry about pilots, maintenance, scheduling or any of the many other burdens of ownership. As a management partner, you will also have full access to our fleet at deeply discounted rates.
We keep current a set of financial statements for the acquisition and operation of small, midsize and heavy jets, including pro forma startup costs and cash flows under a blend of utilization profiles. Please contact us for these statements or any other information regarding aircraft management. We will be happy to assist you through e-mail or over the phone, and will be glad to make a formal presentation in your office.
Note – it is possible to buy a share of Catalina aircraft. Please contact us for specific details and benefits.
This page is updated frequently with links to press releases and articles related to our company and the air charter industry. For public relations, please call 305.439.7190.