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Aircraft Management and Acquisition

Aircraft Ownership Makes Sense

No other perk is greater than living in South Florida; At least for part of your year.

Much has been made of the benefits of aircraft sharing programs. In our 30 plus years of experience, we’ve learned that these programs are no different than a shared car ride.

Except for the added burden of purchasing a given number of hours in advance, buying into a shared aircraft plan is limiting and takes away your greatest asset: the ability to go anywhere you want, whenever you want.

That’s freedom in our book.


South Florida living is about freedom, not just when you take your yacht, weekend ride or Harley for a spin, but always.

Can you imagine sharing your weekend ride?

We didn’t think so. That’s why we know ownership makes sense.

With the proper financial balance, the right management and the ability to control the availability of your own aircraft, you could be enjoying the benefits of owning a plane while not worrying about any of the hassles typically associated with ownership.

Buying Consulting

Financial Sense


Custom Solutions

Personalized Service


We have assisted our select group of clients in navigating the purchase of their aircraft. We can do the same for you.

Springboard to unique experiences

Aircraft Ownership in South Florida


Travel How You Do Everything else

Your Own Terms

Style & Sophistication

Lounge In The Sky

Ownership is an experience only a few can attain in life. Your aircraft is a canvas to which you can extend your style and taste. Certainly not something that can be said about ride-sharing planes.

A Little YOU Time

Shop in New York City over the weekend, back for the board meeting on Monday. Visit with friends in Aspen while sending your children to winter camp in the Carolinas. You can handle all of these with a simple call. Tell us your plans and we’ll build the right flight plan for you. 

Custom Solutions

Not everyone travels the same way. Some of our owner clients travel infrequently and need immediate access to their aircraft on a moment’s notice. Others prefer to have scheduled flights and let us market their aircraft wheile they’re not traveling. 

We’re not brokers trying to fill every hour with flight time for every plane. We’re expert managers of one of our client’s most prized assets.

Personalized Service

You or your assistant will always have a real person from our staff to coordinate any flight, charter-generated revenue, or any other concern such as documentation sent to your legal or financial team.

Financial Sense

Aircraft ownership makes sense. Ask your friends already doing it. But only if your aircraft management team knows what they’re doing. From fuel savings to proper accounting for every hour flown, down time and revenue-generating activities, it is a delicate balancing act. Our experience doing just this for 30 plus years, for a handful of customers is the proof in the puuding. 


Our team includes former U.S. Coast Guard maintenance elite members with combined decades and an impeccable safety record. When your aircraft flies primarily or exclusively for you, you want the experience and attention to detail to be the main attributes of your maintenance team. 

Aircraft Management & Ownership


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