Enjoy the benefits of ownership.
Avoid the hassles.

Aircraft Acquisition & Management

Own a plane – no headaches, no hassles, and it can even be more affordable than chartering. Depending on your utilization, owning a plane might actually save you money.


The Benefits of Ownership

When you are not flying it, we can use it (at your option) to generate profitable charter revenue. In addition, you or your business can often realize significant tax benefits. While many aircraft managers speak revenue, we look at the bottom line. In other words, we look at things a little bit differently.


Take your plane anywhere while protecting your privacy.
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We can block your tail number from Aircraft Situation Display to Industry (ASDI) data, preventing it from appearing on flight tracking websites.

Aircraft Maintenance

FAA regulations are just the starting point. 

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We keep your aircraft in full compliance with all federal requirements, the manufacturer’s maintenance program, and then some. Our director of maintenance is the best in the business, and continually monitors all airworthiness items on your aircraft. Your plane will be ready for you or your customers whenever needed.

Financial Administration

Know where the finances of your investment stand at all times.
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We keep current a set of financial statements for the acquisition and operation of small, midsize and heavy jets, including pro forma startup costs and cash flows under a blend of utilization profiles.


We handle all arrangements from ground transportation to catering to customs.

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Catalina is a signatory to the Visa Waiver Program, has extensive Overflight approvals, and works with a network of ground handling agents in all of the countries in our operating area.


Flown by the some of best-trained and most experienced pilots in the industry.

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Our pilots train in state of the art simulators, and have to pass a rigorous annual ground and flight check. In addition to ARG/US Gold accreditation, we stand by our commitment to safety and invite you to submit any inquiries regarding aircraft maintenance or pilot training before you ever book a flight with us.

Cost Savings

Realize significant savings in key operational areas.
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Make ownership of your aircraft more enjoyable and predictable by taking advantage of our cost-saving programs. From fuel to crew training and repositioning, we make sure your expenses are predictable and the most competitive in the industry.

Our Fleet

We take pride in keeping our aircraft current in all the ways that you might not even notice, but should be happy to know about.

Learjet 31a

Registration: N127VL

Certified to fly at 51,000ft (above most weather), and capable of seating up to 8, it is a very popular choice for flights of up to 3 hours.


Excellence in a Light Jet

  • Luxury and comfort for up to 8 passengers
  • Performance allows use on short runways and in high elevations
  • Configured with 4 full-swivel captain’s chairs and a spacious divan
  • Completely refurbished (2016)
  • Galley and mini-lav

Hawker 800xp

Registration: N15RK

The 800xp can climb quickly to 41,000ft and cruise for close to 6 hours, putting the entire western hemisphere within one stop. Stand-up cabin (5’7”).


Excellence in a Midsize Jet

  • Luxury and comfort for up to 8 passengers
  • The most popular family of charter midsize jets in the industry
  • Configured with 5 full-swivel captain’s chairs and a spacious divan
  • Forward as well as aft luggage space
  • Ample galley, fully enclosed lav, and entertainment center
  • WiFi available

Cessna 340

Registration: N30HB

Island-hop around the Caribbean or within the state of Florida with our most popular offering for under 400 nautical miles.


Twin engine reliability and performance at 200mph

  • Cabin class with Air Stair
  • Pressurized and air conditioned
  • Seats up to 5
  • Can takeoff and land on very short runways

Memberships and Accreditations

We're long-time members of some of the most prestigious associations in our industry.

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